Urban Miners collaborated this week with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce to host a ‘Mine and Dine’ for local businesses.

Visitors from more than 25 businesses attended the event which was held in conjunction with an e-waste processing session at the Urban Miners’ base in Leamington.

Since Urban Miners started operations in 2020, they have successfully recycled 60 tonnes of e-waste sourced primarily from the community in Waipā rather than businesses.

As the operation has become increasingly efficient at processing and recovery, Urban Miners are keen to expand their operations to include commercial e waste in 2024.

Urban Miners Chairperson Mark Hanlon said “We have created a hungry beast!”

“Our e-waste processing team is now so good that at we are looking for raw commercial e-waste from businesses.”

“We charge the same price as the public, but we’ll come out and actually collect it from you.”

“So we would really like to have you contact us and let us know what you have got, and what we can do about taking it from you and putting it though our systems so that it is recovered and doesn’t end up in a hole in the ground.”

While most visitors were already familiar with Urban Miners as local recyclers of e-waste, many had not appreciated the size of the volunteer team behind the operation or the amount of e-waste processing done in Leamington and were impressed by what they saw.

As one attendee commented at the end of the event “I’ll be there next week [with our e-waste]!”