Free Battery Recycling Comes to Waipā

By |2024-05-06T15:26:40+12:00May 6th, 2024|E-waste, News, Recycle, Urban Miners, Waipa|

Free recycling for household batteries is now available to the Waipā community in both Te Awamutu and Cambridge thanks to support from the Te Awamutu and Cambridge Community Boards. In Te Awamutu, there is a permanent household battery collection stand in Pak N’ Save that was established by the Te Awamutu Community Board. In an

Urban Miners Reach Out To Local Business Community for E-Waste

By |2024-03-07T16:18:26+13:00February 3rd, 2024|E-waste, News, Recycle, Urban Miners, Volunteers, Waipa|

Urban Miners collaborated this week with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce to host a 'Mine and Dine' for local businesses. Visitors from more than 25 businesses attended the event which was held in conjunction with an e-waste processing session at the Urban Miners' base in Leamington. Since Urban Miners started operations in 2020, they have

Urban Miners Hit 60 Tonnes of E-Waste Diverted From Landfill

By |2024-01-24T12:06:20+13:00January 24th, 2024|E-waste, News, Recycle, Urban Miners, Waipa|

At the close of 2023, Urban Miners successfully diverted 59,935 kg of e-waste from landfill since operations began in December 2020. This is similar to the weight of an Airbus A321. This does not include the weight of refurbished and repurposed goods and devices sold at the Cambridge Market or donated to local not-for-profits, which

Urban Miners Saves 49 Tonnes of E-waste from Landfill

By |2023-10-06T14:00:22+13:00October 6th, 2023|E-waste, News, Recycle, Urban Miners, Waipa|

As of September 2023, Waipā e‑waste recyclers Urban Miners have successfully diverted over 48,800 kg of e-waste from landfill since operations began in December 2020. This is similar to the weight of an Airbus A321. These latest numbers reveal the considerable impact that the local not-for-profit organisation is having on cutting e-waste in the Waipā District.

Are You Stockpiling E-waste?

By |2023-10-06T13:49:31+13:00August 23rd, 2023|E-waste, Recycle, Urban Miners|

In 2022, a massive 5.3 billion mobile phones around the world became e-waste. Only a small fraction of them were disposed of properly. Despite containing valuable gold, copper, silver, palladium and other recyclable components, experts believe that most cell phones disappear into drawers, closets, cupboards or garages, or are tossed into waste bins once they

World Environment Day – How to Minimise Your E-Waste

By |2023-06-03T08:26:20+12:00June 3rd, 2023|E-waste, Recover, Recycle, Repair, Reuse, Urban Miners|

Our love of technology and insatiable appetite for new devices has created one of the biggest environmental issues of our time – e-waste. E-waste is New Zealand’s fastest growing waste stream. Every year, the average Kiwi generates a massive 20 kg of e-waste yet only 2% of it is recycled. World Environment Day (5th June

Urban Miners Saves 38 Tonnes of E-waste From Landfill

By |2023-09-21T08:50:18+12:00March 16th, 2023|E-waste, News, Recover, Recycle, Repair, Reuse, Urban Miners, Volunteers, Waipa|

After only 2 years of operating, volunteer-run Urban Miners has successfully diverted over 37,800 kg of Waipā’s e‑waste from landfill, roughly equivalent to the weight of a Boeing 737. One of the main goals of Urban Miners is to divert meaningful quantities of e-waste from landfill through recycling, recovery, reuse, and repair. These latest numbers

Successful Move for Urban Miners Stall

By |2023-02-13T21:29:08+13:00February 13th, 2023|E-waste, News, Recycle, Repair, Reuse, Urban Miners|

Urban Miners have changed the location of their monthly stall selling refurbished electronic devices from Tamahere Country Market to the Lions Market in Cambridge for 2023. Early signs are that the move is a big success. The first stall at the new venue this weekend had the most traffic and best sales ever, despite the

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